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Here at GoldBees, we believe that the simple things in life can be the most powerful, just like a spoonful of Mānuka Honey with seven onion seeds a day. As odd as it sounds, but this is known to be one of the best immunity boosters and can help fight excessive inflammation within the body. This habit has been a family tradition for almost a decade and has inspired us to bring a product that is best sourced from nature itself and the oldest food known to mankind – Honey – Not any ordinary honey but The Mānuka Honey. 

Our Honey Guide


Worker bees fly from their hive to gather nectar from flowers and other vegetation. Once enough nectar is collected, the bees bring it back to the hive.


The nectar collected gets deposited in honeycomb wax cells. This honey is still wet, so the bees fan their wings over the nectar to dehydrate the liquid in the cells.


This drying process due to the "fanning" and added natural enzymes transforms the initial nectar liquid into thick honey which is the desired consistency needed.


Once the honey is ready, the bees produce wax to create and seal the honeycomb wax cells to keep it clean and protected.


After extraction, the honey is strained to remove wax and other debris. At this stage, honey may also be ‘creamed’ by churning making it thicker and smoother.


The harvested honey is transferred by our bee-keepers for packaging where it is tested, certified, packed and delivered to you with love.

Why Choose Us


Here at GoldBees, we value the result of the hard work that bees put in to create the honey we deliver. Residing in the untouched and pure environment of New Zealand’s remote forests and hills, there are no noisy highways, polluted factories or chemically fertilized fields. Which means that the bees live in a tranquility and produce the golden goodness that we bring to you made with minimal human interference and hassle.

Each precious drop of honey is carefully made having all the batches tested before packaging for your safety. GoldBees is registered with the Ministry of Primary Industries, New Zealand – Animal Product Exporter, ensuring you the best quality of pure honey.

Our honey is produced, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand – making it a pure New Zealand product.

Nourish yourself with natures finest offerings with GoldBees Honey. Being as diverse as the native trees and flowers of New Zealand, our flavours differ with a wide array of golden tones due to a difference in the region, climate, soil type and natural diversity of flora across New Zealand – offering quite a unique taste.

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